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August 6 2016

Moodie Davitt Report – F VODKA to make stylish brand debut at Singapore show

INTERNATIONAL. F Beverages will be showcasing its F VODKA Luxury Collection for the first time at the TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore next week.

The brand, developed jointly by FashionTV President and Founder Michel Adam and experienced drinks industry executive Stavros Stavrou, aims to become one of the most significant players in the super-premium vodka category.

Incorporating the core values of FashionTV (FTV) – the largest fashion medium in the world synonymous with fashion, beauty and luxury – the F VODKA Luxury Collection aims to appeal to those who appreciate glamour and elegance, the company said.

Dubbed ‘The Elixir of Fashion’, the product is derived from the highest quality raw materials. It is distilled four times, then filtered through a “slow-flow ultra-filtration” process and allowed to mature for several weeks before bottling. The vodka is described as well balanced with a delicate texture and a smooth, clean taste.

The spirit is said to breathe new life into a closely guarded, secret Polish vodka recipe dating back to 1783. At that time the symbol of white eagle wings, Poland’s coat of arms, became an emblem of the White Eagle Legions, a group of freedom fighters led by Polish General Kosciuszko in the American War of Independence. On this occasion a new vodka was produced and served. However, this special reserve recipe was lost in time. Following the research of its master distillers, F Beverages said it had traced and revived this centuries-old secret formula.

Tasting notes:

Smell: Smooth, clean and subtle.
Taste: Mild and silky, sophisticated on the palate, smooth. Delicate texture and soft long-lasting finish.
Colour: Crystal clear.

About F Beverages

Michel Adam, President and Founder of FashionTV, established the broadcaster in Paris in the mid-1990s and with it the concept of FashionTV parties to evoke the lifestyle portrayed on the channel. He decided to develop a range of FashionTV branded beverages that would match the excitement of his business.

At the beginning of 2008 Michel Adam was joined by Stavros Stavrou, who has many years of experience in developing and marketing top premium vodkas for a leading global brand. Together they explored the possibility of developing a series of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that could carry the same message as FashionTV and complement the success of fashiontv parties in clubs and bars worldwide. Their first goal was the launch of a super-premium vodka, serving as the flagship of the range of beverages within the F Beverages portfolio.

Poland, the motherland of Michel Adam, was the preferred choice for the production of the new brand. The pair discovered a boutique distillery with access to prime raw materials, “˜live’ water, cutting-edge distillation and bottling technology. The bottles were chosen from a well-known supplier in France while a Polish leading firm was engaged to decorate the bottles.

F Beverages intends to enhance its portfolio over time offering consumers a range of luxury drinks dubbed the “Elixir of Fashion”.

by Mary Jane Pittilla
Source: ©The Moodie Report:

All our alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are produced exclusively for F Beverages Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus, who is also the worldwide distributor.
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