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Michel Adam, the President and Founder of FashionTV, has always been at the forefront of FashionTV’s development. Born in Poland and raised in Austria, Michel Adam travelled extensively, spending years in Brazil and Thailand. Today his name is synonymous with FashionTV, which he founded in a self-owned club called “Fashion Bar” in Paris in the mid 1990s. FashionTV is all about fashion, glamour, sophistication, beauty and luxury, and it soon emerged as a cultural bridge between Thailand, France, Brazil and Austria.

The concept of FashionTV parties is the real-life mirror of the lifestyle portrayed in FashionTV globally. Based on a lifetime of experience in the glamorous world of special events, the concept beautifully blends the world of drinks and entertainment with the spirit and values of FashionTV.

Before long, the idea of developing FashionTV branded beverages to match the refined taste, pulsating vitality and glittering excitement that surrounds the world of FashionTV and its worldwide audiences became a necessity.

Early in 2008, Michel Adam was joined by Stavros Stavrou, an industry professional with extensive experience in finance and in developing and marketing top premium vodkas for a leading global brand. Together they began to explore the potential of a series of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that could carry the message of FashionTV and complement the concept and success of FashionTV parties in clubs and bars around the world. They travelled the world in search of a sophisticated solution for a new brand of fashionable drinks.

Their first goal was to launch a vodka that could confidently claim its position at the top of the Super Premium category, while serving as the flagship of the fashion beverages portfolio. To that end they began to tackle the challenging task of developing the new brand: FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection was born.

Poland, the motherland of Michel Adam, which is also regarded as the cradle of vodka, presented itself as the preferred location for the production of the new product. After visiting and inspecting several distilleries and tasting many recipes, the two men identified a “boutique” distillery that could satisfy the stringent and high standard specifications set for FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection: access to prime raw materials, cutting edge distillation and bottling technology supported by the expertise of a top master distiller.

In parallel they searched for a blue-chip bottle manufacturer and suppliers of high quality raw materials to implement their superior product. The bottles were finally chosen from a well-known supplier in France, while a leading Polish firm was engaged to decorate the bottles. The result was an amazing work of art!

FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection was launched in a bottle of superior quality, clarity and design that is worthy of the softness, aroma and character of this unique vodka recipe. At the same time, it expresses the vibrant glamour of FashionTV.

It was clear from the start that FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection was only the beginning. Michel Adam’s creativity, ambition and extensive travelling around the world in search of innovation and beauty, alongside Stavros’s expertise, held the promise of more to come.

A whole new range of FASHION BEVERAGES began to take shape, starting with vodka in the Premium segment. FASHION VODKA Party Collection (Premium) was launched in June 2010 and now ranks at the top of its category.

The next step was to develop a series of FASHION ENERGY DRINKS to create a complete ‘family’ based on the same concept. a team of expert biochemists, manufacturers and marketing experts with years of experience in the field was engaged. Their task was to develop an improved formula of the classic energy drink with taurine and a new energy drink based on acai berry with cranberry taste. Their efforts produced the f 88 FASHION ENERGY DRINK and f 18 FASHION ACAI ENERGY DRINK which were both launched successfully in 2011.

The portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages was further expanded with the addition of FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER fresh from the Austrian Alps.

FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER is absolutely fresh, originating from the melting glaciers of the alps, filtered through various rock formations before arriving pure to the surface at the source and bottled directly without any treatment. Its motto “FOR MODELS AND BILLIONAIRES” positions our water as an offering of the highest quality regardless of the price and projects an image of a confident brand which communicates exclusivity and quality above competition; a brand that guarantees its cosmopolitan consumer an added dimension of prestige.

It comes in bottles which are designed to be practical and easy to use in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of its fashionable consumer, especially models and sociable individuals. Originates from an unspoiled nature, has a unique and balanced mineralization as well as a high content of natural oxygen, low sodium content and thus offers a highest quality, beneficial, refreshing and natural spring water, therefore perfect for the human body as it is absorbed and transferred quicker.

Not only does FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER have a fashionable design but it is recommended by Doctors and experts due to its healthy mineral content and high PH value that compares favorably with any other international water brand.

With a commitment to steadily enhance the company’s portfolio of luxury drinks, Michel Adam, Georges Dimos and Stavros Stavrou went in search of a Champagne that clearly expresses the vibrant glamour of the fashion world.

After touring the Champagne region in France, evaluating and tasting the offerings of a number of Champagne houses, they finally made a decision. The highly regarded Champagne house of Baron-Fuente, owners of reputable vineyards in the west of the Champagne area since the 17th century, was the perfect choice for FASHION CHAMPAGNE.

Today we offer two different types of Champagne: a Grande Reserve and a Grand Cru of incomparable taste and quality. Both FASHION CHAMPAGNES were launched officially in March 2013 and are already distributed in many markets.

FASHION PROSECCO soon followed in March 2013. Produced on our behalf by Italy’s largest privately held wine company, FASHION PROSECCO  is a crisp and lively sparkling wine.

Only two months later, in May 2013, FOUR new FASHION DRINKS were launched at FashionTV’s red Carpet event during the Cannes Film Festival. The series includes f 16 FASHION CRANBERRY, f 17 FASHION BITTER LEMON, f 23 FASHION GREEN TEA and f 66 FASHION PASSION, which can be enjoyed on their own or as mixers.

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All our alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are produced exclusively for F Beverages Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus, who is also the worldwide distributor.
USA importer: F Beverages Ltd, Bridgeport, PA.
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