The best, cleanest, purest, most luxurious water comes from the European Alps. FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER originates in the glaciers of the Austrian Alps, where the melting water is filtered through various rock formations before reaching the surface at the source. There it bursts out of the ground, pure and ready to be bottled directly without any treatment. FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER. Always moving, always fresh, always in fashion.

STAR QUALITY: FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER has unique and balanced mineral levels, as well as a high content of natural oxygen and low sodium content. This translates into healthy, refreshing and natural spring water that can be quickly absorbed and transferred, and is therefore perfect for the human body.Doctors and experts recommend it for its healthy mineral content and high pH value that compares favourably with any other international water brand.

SHAPE & COLOUR: FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER comes in practical bottles in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of its fashionable consumers. especially models and socialites will appreciate the stylish 0.25L bottle that they can easily carry or put in their bags. The mountain landscape illustrated on FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER evokes the coolness of a mountain night with the new crescent moon, fresh air and the glamour of the clear, starlit sky at night. All these elements reinforce the feeling of a fresh, cool, glamorous, clean and pure water.

TAGLINE: “FOR MODELS AND BILLIONAIRES” positions our water as a superior offering regardless of price. It projects a confident brand that communicates exclusivity and quality above competition; a brand that guarantees its cosmopolitan consumer an added dimension of prestige.

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All our alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are produced exclusively for F Beverages Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus, who is also the worldwide distributor.
USA importer: F Beverages Ltd, Bridgeport, PA.
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